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Viet Nam Electrical Equipment Manufacturing J.S.C

Established in 2010 with the core of specialized technicians, well-trained domestically and abroad, have worked for a long time in transformer manufacturing companies such as VINA-TAKAOKA ABB ... Understanding the requirements and desires of our Customers, Vietnam Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (HAVEC) always strives to provide the market our high quality products with the best performance, durable operation and stability in response to Clients’ trust for the Company.

We focus on the main products:

-Design and manufacture of 1-phase and 3-phase power distribution transformers of various types with a capacity of up to 25,000 KVA and the voltage of up to 35 kV.

-Under-load pressure regulating transformers, low-voltage source transformers, furnace transformers, measurement transformers, rectifier transformers, dry transformers, etc.

-Integrated MOF (Metering Out Fit) measurement set

-AC and DC reactors for industrial equipments

-Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) up to 35kV. Medium voltage and low voltage switchgear

-Electrical power substations: Pad mounted type as well as pole mounted type

Electric transformer products are manufactured according to Vietnamese technical standards TCVN 6306: 2006 (TCVN 1984-1994); Decision No. 62 / QD-EVN dated May 5, 2017 of EVN and the International standard IEC 60076, at the request of customers in accordance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015, Vietnam's power grid (EVN) and many countries in the region.

Customer is above all. Customer satisfaction is the existence of the business itself. We detemine to bring the best quality products to customers, suitable for the rapid development of the economy, the national grid system and the strict requirements of international customers, the Vietnam Electrical Equipment Manufacturing JSC has invested synchronously and methodically with the most advanced technology facilities of the leading countries in the field of producing industrial electric equipment: Automatic silicon steel cutting line, Automatic winding machine, Transformer tank fabrication system, Surface cleaning system, Synchronous testing equipment with high accuracy.

Always perfecting and advancing to meet the market's changes, Vietnam Electrical Equipment Manufacturing JSC is committed to bringing top quality products, thoughtful and professional services with optimal price consistent with our customers’ resources. Our standpoint is expanding cooperation towards the future, we always welcome opportunities to cooperate with domestic and foreign Customers. We totally believe that the strong development of our customers is the premise for the success of our company and also contribute to the prosperity and strength of the Society

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