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Underground 500kV substation of the world's first

Japan is known as the underground work that the whole world admires. 500kV substation underground installation is admired more problems.

Power transmission system by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Management include 21.208km lines and 1,582 substations with a total capacity of 269.570MVA. TEPCO underground substation rate ratio was 13%, in the capital Tokyo is 39% and 3 counties alone central Tokyo is 86%, including the 500kV substations were installed underground.

Corporation National Power Transmission (EVNNPT) visits and academic experience in the management of power transmission systems in TEPCO fact finding underground 500kV substation in the world first.

Substation underground 500kV TEPCO's solution is very efficient, bringing substations for 500kV, 275kV, to the interior of the big cities, especially Tokyo, to meet the load demand increasing , improve reliability and reduce power supply power loss. This solution is also very suitable for large cities as the purchase of land and clearance to build the substation increasingly difficult. Investment cost underground substation approximately 3 times the outdoor substation tradition. Buildings built above underground substation can be used for business purposes.

Building above T crab transformer 500kV underground Shin-Toyosu look from the outside, the equipment was installed at 4 ng floor rumble , 1st floor is the office of the station

Substations including 500/275-kV transformer: 3 × 1,500 MVA; MBA 275/66 kV: 6 × 300 MVA. Station has 01 floors and 04 floors underground. 1st floor is used as office work station. Equipment was installed at four underground floors. From the 2nd floor of the building above the station being TEPCO other companies rent offices, headquarters.

Missions came EVNNPT learn underground 500kV substation. This is the underground 500kV substation first in the world, put into operation from October 11/2000. Substation to be built in the central area of ​​Tokyo, so there is a very important role in securing the supply of electricity to the area. Substation was converted from a non-human staffed live in 2016 and is controlled by a remote control center Shin-Keiyo, 40 km from the station.

500/275-kV transformer GIT

Missions EVNNPT souvenir photograph with the officials of TEPCO

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